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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 06 2012,8:30 pm
I've been using < > as a short cut for OpenCaching.US for a while, but had never actually visited the main site, until now.  Not only does it work with all these sites, it's shorter than using Groundspeak's

Currently supported listing pages:
N -

GC -
PR - profile link
WM -

OC - Germany
OZ - Czech Republic
OS - Norway / Sweden
OP - Poland
OU - United States
OB - Netherlands

OX - Garmin

TC -

GA - GeoCaching Australia

Currently supported Trackables:
TB - Travelbugs
GK -

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 07 2012,7:41 am
I just fixed a typo in the link, above.

Usefulness of using this is that if you know the waypoint, you can amend id to the URL, to create a shorter URL.

Such as...

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel (Virtual)  (N02D97) by DudleyGrunt
URL options would be...
1) < >
2) < >

It doesn't give anyone access to anything they wouldn't have by using the longer URL, but I find it easier to remember and it takes up less space.

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