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Topic: "Caching" in the Late 70's?
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Sep. 20 2011,1:32 pm
A coworker of mine was just telling about "caching" he did in the late 70's / early 80's.

Unlike Letterboxing, this did use coordinates, which you had to (of course) plot them out. And since we didn't have the Internet, there was a book that provided the overall "how to" and you'd subscribe to a magazine for updated listings. He said it was really big (relatively) in southern Arizona, but when he moved to Northern Arizona, it wasn't as active.

He could not think of what it was called, but said he might have the book or some of the magazines and would check.

It wasn't just orienteering, since it did involve swag and sounds a LOT like the early geocaching.

Has anyone heard of this?

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