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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 29 2011,1:19 pm
I love me some geocaching patches.  

I have < caching vest > I wear, when the weather permits, that has a number of caching related patches on it, including...

GeoCachers4Christ (GC4C) *
Military Association of GeoCachers (MAGC)
Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS, hot off the presses) *
Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization (NoVAGO)
BSA's Get in the Game geocaching program
OpenCaching (from OC UK)
OpenCachingUS *

I wish there was a Navicache patch.

I'm especially interested in other caching patches, apart from the ones you can just go online and buy from any caching retailer.  Is anyone familiar with or have any event patches, ones for other caching groups, etc.?

* I have extras for trade / sale.

Posted by dgriggan on Sep. 20 2011,7:02 pm

I have some caches if you are interested ha ha.


Posted by DudleyGrunt on Sep. 20 2011,7:21 pm
Yeah, I think I have a few.  Let me know if you know anyone who needs some.

I just received a couple of Geocaching Australia patches in the mail - along with TWO sets of GA Pathtags from a very kind cacher "down under".

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