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Topic: HELP - Cache-A-Maniacs Needs New Interviewees
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 31 2011,7:56 am
Darryl and Drie, the hosts of < Cache-A-Maniacs >, announced that they are again out of recorded interviews and will likely need to skip a week or so.

If you would be interested in being a guest on the show, they would be glad to hear from you.  They have interviewed everyone from brand new cachers to folks with many thousands of finds.  Don't think you need to be "someone special" to volunteer.  I find something interesting and insightful in every show.

They will contact you to work out a good time to get on the phone with you.  If you live in the greater Detroit area, they might even meet with you in person.  They'll provide you with a list of likely questions ahead of time, so you can give them some thought, but if you listen to an episode, you'll have a good idea, as well.

Or if you know someone else who you think would make for a good show, please pass along their info.

From their website:
Each episode of the Cache-A-Maniacs features a candid, uncut, and irregular interview with a member of the Geocaching community. What do we mean by "candid, uncut, and irregular interviews?"

   * Candid: While guests are provided with a list of typical questions, the shows are unscripted, recorded live.
   * Uncut: While we might edit the shows to make them easier to listen or watch, the content of the interview will remain untouched.
   * Irregular: We'll release usually one show each week but at least one show each month. Shows will very in length with many under 20 minutes, and some (though very rare) more than an hour.

When possible we'll video tape the interviews which will be release as video podcasts. Most will be recorded over the telephone or an IP for an audio only podcast. Stop by this website for show notes, including links the guests' profile, as each show is posted. Since this is a podcast you'll be able to consume the episodes at your convenience. Download the episodes anytime you like and watch or listen at your convenience from you computer, set-top box, or portable media player. Cache-A-Maniacs episode are always available through the website or through a free subscription in iTunes or any other podcatching client. If you'd rather not download the shows, simply clicking on the media link ()in the show notes will play in most browsers.

They are always interested in adding variety by speaking to cachers outside the US.

I also think it would be great to have someone who is not solely a user.

You can contact Darryl & Drie via < Twitter >, e-mail ( or by phone (206-350-3647).

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