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Topic: Question on Virtuals
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 14 2011,8:41 pm
I was just wondering if anyone sees a problem with listing a virtual cache for a location you've not been to? Or if you'd see a problem with listing a virtual outside your "home area", even if you have been there.

The above scenarios are assuming you can do the proper research to get good coords - especially, since the coords for most virtuals probably don't need to be quite as accurate as those for a physical cache.

I discussion is in progress on one of my local forums, with a few folks strongly expressing how completely ridiculous it is - even worse that armchair logging of caches. I don't believe any of these folks use any sites, other than

So, I just thought I'd ask cachers who actually have the capability of listing virtuals what they think.

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