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Topic: Misconceptions About "Alternative" Caching Sites
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 14 2011,6:49 am
There seems to be a wide-spread misconception from people who either spend too much time on the Groundspeak forums or only know what they hear from other misinformed cachers, that the non-Groundspeak caching sites don't have rules / guidelines for placing caches and may even encourage illegal / irresponsible geocaching that is sure to endanger the hobby, as a whole.

I shared on 5 local / global forums the primary chunks of the OCUS, Navicache, and TerraCaching guidelines and even highlighted certain aspects, regarding obtaining permission.

I won't repost the whole thing here, but if you're curious would like to help spread the word on your local forums, you can see < my post on the Maryland Geocaching Society forums > for inspiration.

If you're not involved in any local caching forums, I'd encourage you to become active in them.  First, it's one of my biggest recommendations to new cachers.  Secondly, they could stand to hear the voices of more people to know that Groundspeak is not the only game in town and can help them not just be the "Geocaching.COM Organization of Wherever", but the "GEOCACHING Organization of Wherever".  Along with your local caching organization, I'd recommend listening and contributing to some of the various < caching podcasts >.

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