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Topic: Happy Friday the 13th!
started by: MOCache

Posted by MOCache on May 13 2011,3:04 am
Just thought I'd wish everyone a happy Friday the 13th!

Notice there's not a whole lot of activity here in the forums.. might be a good idea to start tweeting your posts with Twitter to get some activity here.

Where is Quinn? Doesn't he post here any more?

In any case, everyone have a great day and happy Navicaching!

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 13 2011,9:06 am
Thanks, MO.

Friday the 13th is special to me, since I was born on one.  Plus, today is actually by BD.

I still check here regularly and post when I think I have something of interest and try to reply to most posts from others.

I may going up the road to Balitmore, today, to find a newly placed Navicache, near Fort McHenry.

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