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Topic: Comparison of Geocaching Listing Services
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 20 2010,9:07 am
< Comparison of Geocaching Services >

Schrottie has updated his website that compares the features of the various cache listing services.

Sites included are:
GC - (basic)
GC - (premium)
OC - OpenCaching (v 2.0) (de, it, others) (doesn't seem to have ANY features not in 1.0)
OC - OpenCaching (v 1.0) (pl, us, others) (actually seems to contain features NOT in 2.0)
AU -
OX - Garmin's OpenCaching.COM
TC - TerraCaching (basic)
TC - TerraCaching (premium)

Interestingly, even though I believe he is from Germany, where Navicache seems to be most active, it is not included.

Brief summary of the site:
This comparison is based on the features that the respective platforms offer to the user. Only those functions that serve the purpose of using the data have been evaluated. The quantity and quality of the caches have not been evaluated because they are user-generated content and cannot be influenced by the platform operator.

For, basic and premium membership are listed separately because there are many differences between them. In the original Opencaching, there is a distinction between old and new code base. The old one is in use at,, and at other nodes. The new code base is in use at and, among others. has nothing to do with the free opencaching network; why Garmin as a (commercial) operator still chose this name, will probably forever remain a mystery.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 20 2010,11:21 am
I've come up with another suggestion for the list.  Groundspeak just dropped me a note to say they hid the version of this post, I made on their forums.

They said that discussing other listing sites, in general, is OK, but a link to a detailed comparison is not.  Guess they're not confident in how they'll match up.   :D

Posted by whiteurkel on April 20 2011,11:17 am
Well, I see he's probably not going to add Navicache to the comparison, but he obviously updates it, as he lists OX (Garmin) as having the feature of email notification of logs on owned caches, which they didn't add for about 4 months. Not to diss Garmin, but for Pete's sake, don't you think that's something that should have worked for a Geocaching website on day 1?  Now can we look forwared to the amazing feature of putting links on your cache page? Sorry, couldn't resist.  :tungue2
Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 20 2011,1:25 pm
I've pretty much written Garmin's site off, for the foreseeable future, since there is no way to see what small percentage of caches might actually be unique to their site. áNavicache has similar issues, but I mostly concentrate on virtuals, here.

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