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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Nov. 17 2010,5:53 am
Garmin appears to have acquired the domain < > and has, so far, placed a logo and a couple slogans on the page.

They've got a new logo up on the site...and have rotated through a couple of slogan.

The two slogans I've seen, so far...
1) As free and open as the great outdoors...
2) your caches, your devices, your community

This site has no relation to the existing confederation of OpenCaching sites (.de .pl .us, etc).  It is unclear whether Garmin plans to work with these site or not.  There is a little bit of info/speculation can be found in a few of the recent posts at: < >

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 17 2010,2:18 pm
I actually just responded to another cachers email who was looking for input from others for his blog and asked my opinion on this.

Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing who knows. I guess we will have to wait and see if they really intend to follow the true "open-caching" spirit that was discussed years ago here on based on the selection of slogans, sounds like it could be a good thing.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Nov. 17 2010,7:45 pm
I think I was queried by the same guy.  Firenice?

I told him much the same - that it's hard to say, with what is available.  He'd mentioned that he'd actually gotten to see a bit of the functioning site when they inadvertently (?) had it live a week ago.  He said you'd be able to upload your existing caches via gpx files, I guess.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Nov. 30 2010,12:55 pm
I can't make out much on this, but check out Cache Mania for more info on this < screeshot >.

Posted by TinmanUT on Dec. 01 2010,2:21 pm
Here is the link for the US site.

< >

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 01 2010,7:31 pm
Quote (TinmanUT @ Dec. 01 2010,4:21 pm)
Here is the link for the US site.

< >

Yes, but the Garmin site, despite sharing the name, has no relation to the general nation based community that OpenCaching.US (OCUS) is part of.
Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 07 2010,8:04 am
Garmin seems to be up and running in BETA mode.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 09 2010,9:17 am
Great episode of < Geocaching Podcast > last night with interview with Jake from Garmin.  It should be available online or through iTunes, etc. sometime today.

As far as their use of the name "OpenCaching", they claim to have spoken to people in the (real) OpenCaching community who were very supportive of their venture.  Don't know who they talked to, but I have it good authority from a top OC.xx admin who participates in the OC Community Admin forums, they Garmin did NOT speak to any of the admins for the sites.

I'd really liked the new Garmin Map 62CSx of a friend's that I had a chance to check out.   Now, a new < DeLorme PN 60 > is looking better and better.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 14 2010,12:12 pm
Geocaching Journal - Geocaching Smackdown - a blog on the Groundspeak vs Garmin (vs. The Real OpenCaching) face off.
Lots of buzz on the interwebz last week surrounding the launch of Garmin's new geocaching website,; not to be confused with (a completely separate geocaching listing service that just launched back in October). Accompanying Garmin's geocaching site launch was this blog post which explains what geocaching is, and then goes on to describe what you can do on their new site. Without mentioning Groundspeak or, the folks at Garmin cleverly highlight the two features that offers which does not - the ability to rate caches ("awesomeness scale"), and the fact that there is no premium membership fee - it's free, in other words.

< read the rest of the story >

Posted by Moofia Mob7383 on Feb. 05 2011,9:54 pm
The site is doing very well and I see it growing into something huge since Garmin is running it.
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