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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 20 2010,8:26 am
There is a new playing ground in town, well in the US - < OpenCaching US >.

< >

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 20 2010,5:43 pm
I think this is the link he wanted you to go to...
< >

And I would like to add.... It is good to see another site come along.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 21 2010,9:11 am
DOH!  Thanks.  I left "http://" out of the BB code for the URL.

I also added the word "ground" to my post, which I'd left out.

Posted by Joukkusisu on Aug. 23 2010,3:18 pm
Good news!  This is a surprise.  I'll have to put one out and see if any pop up near me.
Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 23 2010,6:31 pm
Cool.  I'm not giving up on NC, but am excited about OCUS.  I'm actually volunteering as a forum mod for their South Atlantic division.  Hope to see you over there.
Posted by Joukkusisu on Aug. 24 2010,9:55 am
Same here.  I have a park near my house in mind.  I plan on placing a NC and an OC in it.  A fellow alternative caching enthusiast in my state has already placed an OC, but it's over an hour and half away.  I'll make it down there sometime.
Posted by KFL on Sep. 02 2010,7:31 am
As far as I can see I am still the only once with OC caches in Louisiana, but I could at least get excited about the cache notifications until I recognized them as being my own.  :D

Unfortunately I am so busy at the moment that I hardly have any time for geocaching - with one exception. I was in the state of NY for some days for a business trip and could grab a few over there - unfortunately neither NC, OC nor TC in walking distance.

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