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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 28 2010,6:01 am
Can you trace your geocaching heritage all the way back to the beginning when Dave Ulmer placed the first cache? Submit your information, then visit the results page to find out!

< The Caching Tree > is a project to create a geocaching family tree, based on who has introduced whom to geocaching.  Stop by and add your info.  It only takes a moment and no registration is required.  I added my name last night during the < Geoaching Podcast >.

By default, the site will try to link your name to a profile, but I think if you mention it in the comments field and provide a link, it could link to your public NC profile.

Posted by KFL on July 28 2010,7:47 am
Interesting. I have seen similar caches, but how can this project be practical with thousends of cachers. Not even poster-size will be enough. Interesting nevertheless though.
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