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Topic: Geocachers Unlimited
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 15 2010,9:31 am
If you're on Facebook, you may want to check out a new group I just set up - < Geocachers Unlimited >.

This group is for anyone who is a "true" geocaching enthusiast and NOT simply a fan of ONE geocaching service.

Does it frustrate you when people think that "geocaching" is synonymous with one particular listing service? Do you think the idea of competition and variety can only improve the overall hobby? Are you just intrigued by the fact that there are more caches out there that you weren't aware of?

Even if you haven't yet used more than one caching site, this group may still be for you.

I don't want this to be a place to bash any particular service, but civil criticism and open discussion is welcome.

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