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Topic: I'm At it Again with Jeremy
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 01 2010,2:26 pm
I guess I just can't help it. A while back Groundspeak's Jeremy asked me, "Who peed in your Wheaties?" when I pointed out on Twitter that the 1 millionth active cache on wasn't the 1 millionth active geocache since there are caches listed on other sites. I could have probably let it be, but it is sort of my mission to remind folks of the existence of the other sites, such as Navicache and TerraCaching.

This time, it is in relating to < Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents > by Lord British (the Ultima Online guy that has the cache on the ISS).

Take a look at the < Feedback page >. If you have any comments, one way or the other, post your thoughts there.

As to why I'd event bring it up, I happened to look at the cache page and just thought I'd use the Feedback tool to give my thoughts - thinking that's what they wanted. I didn't even realized the feedback was something others could respond to. Wasn't trying to start a debate, just offer my input.

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