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Topic: Cache-A-Maniacs Interviews
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on June 28 2010,8:06 am
I've been listening to the Cache-A-Maniacs (CAM) podcast for almost 2 years.  For those that don't know, each episode of CAM is a "candid and uncut interview with a geocacher."

I thought it would be interesting to post links to interviews of fellow Navicache members, though as of now, I only know of two.

< Ep. 181 - MotherWolf >
< Ep. 156 - DudleyGrunt >

If you'd like to listen to the interview, click on the link and then the "pod" icon next to the episode title.

If you know of others, either PM me so I can update this original post (might be easiest to refer to later) or post your own link.  You can check the archives by following the monthly links on the left side of the page.

MotherWolf was interviewed on this week's show as a result of a request I submitted.  I just mentioned to her this morning, that as far as I know we may be the only two people in Maryland who are actively using the site in any way.

They are always looking for new guests.  If you'd be interested you can send them a note or let me know and I can submit you.  I'm thinking that they might be interested in someone who uses one of the "alternate" sites.

Posted by Joukkusisu on June 28 2010,4:35 pm
Cool. Thanks for the heads up!  I'll check them out tomorrow.
Posted by Joukkusisu on June 30 2010,5:01 pm
Nice interview, Dudley.  I agree that it would be great if cachers gained a greater awareness of other alternative sites.  Aside from greater participation (which would be awesome), it'd help with awareness problems.  I recently ran into two problems like this.  On Saturday, I went looking for a NC-exclusive cache:
Elm Creek Homestead
< >

I knew that it was close to the first stage of a GC multi.  When I got there, I found the stage container, but no NC.  Searching in the GC page, I found that previous finders had found the NC by accident (they were practically on top of each other) and the GC owner removed the NC container.  Had the GC owner had greater awareness, they would have investigated a little further before removing someone else's game piece.  I contacted them and explained the situation, suggesting that they work something out with the NC owner.  I'm not saying everyone should double check to see if a location is used on an alternative site, but at the very least, check alternative sites when they find mystery containers.  

Another incident: we were searching for a GC challenge final along the Mississippi.  We approached the obvious beacon and found in the hidey hole a new Letterbox (not a hybrid).  The letterbox was placed 6/9/10 and already had several finds. A pretty nice letterbox, and our first LB find in the wild.  We couldn't find the GC and contacted the CO.  From his response, it sounds like his cache was in the same hidey hole.  So either the letterbox hider removed the cache or physically placed it on top of it, which is pretty ridiculous.  Here again, greater awareness would prevent this from happening.  Surely letterboxers have heard of geocaching?  Or maybe the letterboxer has a thing against geocaching?


Posted by Joukkusisu on June 30 2010,5:04 pm
BTW, MotherWolf's turtle story is hilarious.  Oh to have been a fly on a tree in that situation...
Posted by DudleyGrunt on June 30 2010,9:03 pm

In ref. to the awareness issues, those are also reasons why we should all be sure to clearly label our caches (or letterboxes), including contact info.

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