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Topic: Union Pacific No. 2010 BSA Locomotive
started by: KFL

Posted by KFL on May 10 2010,6:51 pm
Has anyone an idea how to get the schedule of the Union Pacific No. 2010 BSA Locomotive into our hands?

Why I ask? < This > is why ...

Posted by Joukkusisu on May 10 2010,7:17 pm
Cool virtual!  I tried searching the UP and the BSA sites and couldn't find anything yet.  I sent an email to the media contacts listed for the story and will see what they say.
Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 10 2010,8:52 pm
I just heard about the train yesterday when listening to "The Leaders Campfire" scouting podcast.

I really don't know how to track it, either.  Plus, I'm disappointed that I don't guess I'll get a chance to see it, since I don't believe it will be making it out east.  I would think that perhaps overt the next few months there might be some sort of promoted appearances.   Good luck!

Posted by tripman1 on June 03 2011,6:18 pm
I know this is older, but I still can't find a schedule for this locomotive.  I did however see the LCAAand BSA convention scheduled for Dallas/Ft. worth on July 30th, 2011.  Perhaps this locomotive will be on display ??

See this link < LCAA >

Posted by DudleyGrunt on June 06 2011,6:32 am
Yeah, I was never able to find a schedule.  I would like to be able to at least confirm they haven't repainted it since the big year is over for BSA.
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