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started by: KFL

Posted by KFL on Mar. 31 2010,9:29 pm
We will visit a friend in the coming days and there happen to be a few navicaches in that town. I am not sure if I can get to at least one of them, but it was reason enough for me to write a small script to parse the GPSS information (the only reliable format) and output a given list of caches as gpx which can be read into my Garmin. I use similar scripts for another site for quite a while - but up to now putting in navicaches by 'hand' was easy enough. So, navicache now also enters my scripts.

I know, there are probably tons of scripts out which can do that already. I just like to hack a bit myself.  :grinnin

Which tools are you using for tasks like this? GSAK? geo.rkkda? Something home-brew like me?

Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 01 2010,6:32 am
I'm pretty much doing any Navicaches by hand.  I'm very particular in which ones I do.  I don't log any crosslited NC's here as a find.  I will post a note, if I know the cache is also listed here.  I only want to log each cache once and figure if it's crosslisted on, I'll log it here with the bulk of my finds.  Also, if it is a physical NC hide that hasn't been logged in years, I'm leery about going too far out of my way or spending too much time.  If figure that virtuals are generally safe to go for.  Considering the lack of Navicaches in my are that meet this critera, I can get by with entering them by hand and printing the page (or just making the necessary notes) for the one(s) I decide to go for on a given day.

Posted by Joukkusisu on April 01 2010,8:16 pm
By hand.  I have yet to try GSAK.  I have a feeling its above my technical skill, which is pretty sad.
Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 01 2010,8:28 pm
GSAK is a great tool.  I use it for both my GC and TC caching, but a know I only tap a fraction of it's capabilities.  Definitely worth checking out.
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