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Topic: cross checking listings
started by: KFL

Posted by KFL on Mar. 11 2010,4:17 pm
I got nine hits after cross-checking my finds with all listed geocaches. I logged them there but not yet here. Which means I now have nine registered finds here. Together with my one hide that makes a total score of 35.5. Yeah. Not that the numbers matter of course. :cool:
Posted by DudleyGrunt on Mar. 12 2010,8:38 am
I actually do not log on multiple sites so that I can track my total cache finds and more easily note my combined milestones.

Currently I have...

Groundspeak 1967
+ TerraCaching 66
+ Navicache 7

...for 2040 geocaches found.

Different strokes...

Posted by KFL on Mar. 12 2010,12:32 pm
Crosschecking wasn't actually not that difficult. You search through your finds on both sites and try to find a cache on another site within a short distance of caches in the first list. This already reduces the numbers by a lot and actually produced a pretty accurate short list in my case. You then look at the names of both caches, and maybe also the names of the hider and the hide date. This together worked very well for me.

In one interesting case a cache was archived on, but later another cache from another geocacher was hidden in exactly the same spot (and also named almost the same). still lists the old cache, with the listing probably not being updated anymore. However, it already got cross-logs from the new cache at We could probably just leave it like that.

Logging it here was easy in my case, because I did find both of the physical caches.

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