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Topic: Promoting NaviCache in the Caching Community
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on June 12 2009,12:55 pm
I think it is unfortunate that so many new geocachers seem to have the impression that Groundspeak IS geocaching.  That is, that they are THE source for all caches.

Many more experienced cachers may be somewhat familiar with with NaviCache or TerraCaching, but have not seriously explored these options.

I enjoy hunting caches and don't really care where they are listed.  Over the last few months, I've made an effort to look for caches on all three sites, especially if I'm in a new area.  As I posted elsewhere, I did find at least 2 on each site during a recent visit to New Jersey.

The questions I'd like to pose to folks here, is what do you do to help promote this site as an additional outlet for your fellow geocachers and why you think more people don't broaden their horizons?

I've decided to cross list all of my events between the three sites and actually talk it up in my other non-Groundspeak forums and at the event.

Another project I'm working on is to search for nearby caches that need to be archived.  Mostly, this involves caches that used to be cross listed with, have long been archived over there, but orphaned by the owner here.

I also try to remind folks that miss the virtuals, that they are alive and well here and at TC.

Thoughts, ideas, etc.?

Posted by sabrefan7 on June 14 2009,6:09 pm
I have been talking up navicache on the Western NY forum
I know that there are a few long time navi people on there now but I hope to get more active as I am trying to do myself.

Posted by sabrefan7 on July 03 2009,11:39 am
All of the Frogs sites are down because of a fire.  To bad the web search wont show  Navicache for other site  suggestions!

Major Outage at Seattle Data Center
July 3rd, 2009 : Rich Miller

Many sites hosted at Seattle’s Fisher Plaza are offline amid widespread reports of a “significant power event” at the facility. The largest impact has been downtime at the payment portal, which has been offline for hours, meaning that its merchants have been unable to process credit card payments through their web sites.

“We are down due to a fire at our primary data center in Seattle,” reports on its Twitter account. “We are working to restore services, but no ETA at this time.”

AdHost chief technical officer Michael Smith has posted a status report on the home page of the hosting provider, whose data center is at Fisher Plaza. ”Beginning at approximately 11:18 PM on July 2nd and continuing through the present time Fisher Plaza experienced a significant power event that required all power systems including street power, UPS, and Generator power to be completely shut down in Plaza East,” Smith reports. “The event is ongoing and, at this point, we do not have a ETA for service restoration.”

Other tenants at the facility say they now expect their sites to be down all day.

An account on the NANOG mailing list reports that the incident triggered the sprinkler system in an electrical equipment room. As noted in the NANOG report, water damage could complicate recovery efforts.

This is the second major outage at Fisher Plaza in the past year. Last June many sites at the building were offline after an electrical event at the building. Fisher Plaza previously had a major outage in 2006 (more details here on that incident). The owner of the building, which also houses the operations of Seattle TV and radio stations, has been attempting to sell Fisher Plaza.

The incident is being discussed at Web Hosting Talk and on Twitter.

< > ... ta-center/

Posted by DudleyGrunt on July 16 2009,12:54 pm
Well, I've introduced another Marylander to Navicache by posting in the < MGS > forums that FTF "rights" were still available on < my new virtual > (and first non-event listing here).  

JohnnyCache made the find today.  I'll have to keep an eye on him and see if he does any more.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 12 2009,5:59 pm
I had the opportunity recently to be interviewed for the Cache-A-Maniacs podcast.  My episode (156) was released today.  I gave a plug for Navicache as part of my answer to what would I like to see improved in geocahing.

If you don't subscribe to CAM, < you can listen online >.

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 15 2009,2:24 pm
Good interview and thanks for the plug  :thumbs-up
Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 15 2009,8:01 pm
Thank you and your welcome.  That really is one thing I'd most like to change about caching - people's appreciation for what the various sites have to offer.
Posted by Quinn on Dec. 23 2009,5:54 am
Pretty cool
Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 23 2009,6:09 am
Thanks.  Also, if more user of Navicache and Terracache listened to the various caching podcasts and offer feeback to them regarding the alternatives, it would help increase awareness of them and bring more people here.

The podcasts I listen too...

< Podcacher >
< Geocaching Podcast >
< Cache-A-Maniacs >
< Centennial State Geocaching >

Pocacher also has a link to others I'm less familiar with < HERE >.

Hope folks will check them out.

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