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Topic: PC Medic, Where Are You?
started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 19 2009,12:50 pm
I notice it's been over a month since PC Medic has posted and nearly two weeks since he's logged in.  Hope all is well.

Anyone know if the profile pic of him holding the baby is new?  That would certainly explain it.

I don't see a way to see his last posts, listed on their own, so am having trouble seeing if he posted something.

Just wondering.  If the baby pic is new, CONGRATS! :thumbs-up

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 19 2009,1:03 pm
On a related note, I was trying to remember / find who are the other admins / mods.

I see that Quinn (Super Admin) has not logged in since February and he's the only other one I can find.  All the other high posters and "high" member level people I checked are only "members".

I also noticed that I come in at #39 for the most postings (tied with Mother Wolf).  :cool:  At only 31 posts, I'm surprised.

Are the inmates running the asylum?

Finally, I just saw that the photo appears to have been taken on 9/18/02, so would seem to be unrelated to his current absence.

Posted by PC Medic on May 19 2009,6:23 pm
I am always lurking about  :wave . I just haven't posted lately which is why the login was a couple weeks old (can read the new posts without logging in).

The profile pic is rather outdated and the baby is one of my grand-daughters.

Quinn stops by from time to time (though not often) and Georockers has been down with health issues. In fact I just got out of the hospital yesterday myself (damn ticker acting up again).

Posted by DudleyGrunt on May 20 2009,6:05 am
Glad to hear you were able to get your ticker back on track.

Thanks for the info on the Quinn and Georockers.  I hadn't realized Georockers were another admin/mod.

FYI, I sat in on the live recording of The Geocaching Podcast and, although it wasn't a topic on the show, we had a bit of a discussion about the differences between GC, NC, and TC in the chatroom.

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