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Topic: Programming help (Python )
started by: kd8ikt

Posted by kd8ikt on Feb. 06 2009,5:26 pm
hi i've been toying around with tangogps its a great lil gps map program but i've run into a lil snag i want to import Navicache gpx/loc  lat/lon  into tangogps's poi.db (point of interest sqlite database)  i've found a little python app that does it from gpx files  but the two sites gpx files have different formats/items so it needs to be patched for navit help help help ;D i should just suck it up and force myself more to figure this out its only like 70 lines of python  but alas i fail at modifying it, i need backup ;)

relevant links
tangogps < >
pastebin of script < >
src of script < >

current background/project page i created < >

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