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Topic: Hello everyone!
started by: lilian

Posted by lilian on Mar. 17 2008,9:55 pm
hello everyone! Im new here in the forum.. I love to hear a travel story from different people in different places. Hope to meet someone here and share stories/ideas about nice places in the world. Great to be member of this forum.. see ya later!
Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 11 2008,8:09 am
I've just joined the site, as well.  I've been caching since May 30, 2006 when my uncle introduced me to it.  I now have 690 finds through GC and 1 on TC.  My friend Mother Wolf is starting to list (co-list) caches on here, though.  I'll probably start with some of her's, especially if they are uniquely listed on NC.

I've really enjoyed my experience over there, but have recently become frustrated with their heavy enforcement of the "no  agenda" clause for caches to include not allowing the phrase "Support the Troops" on a cache page as part of the logo for the Military Association of GeoCachers.

I'm not giving them up, but have recently joined by TerraCaching and Navicache to supplement my caching experience.

In addition to the above mentioned MAGC, I'm involved in two local caching groups Maryland Geocaching Society and the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization.  I'm also part of the leadership team of GeoCachers4Christ. (see sig. for links)

Posted by PC Medic on April 11 2008,10:48 am
Welcome to both of you  :wave and to any other newcomers that happen by.

DudleyGrunt- I have heard about the recent decision at GC to not allow the use of your groups logo within your cache listings. This is a shame (in my opinion). Not only because I am a veteran myself, but because I learned long ago that you do not necessarily need to agree with the war (any war) to support the troops that have been sent to fight it.

Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 11 2008,12:05 pm
Thanks.  I do have a multi-stage / puzzle cache I've been wanting to put out for a while that would start at a local cemetery involving memorials to Police, Fire, Rescue and Armed Services.  It will at least end up being co-listed here.
Posted by USA 45 on April 11 2008,1:39 pm
Nice to see you both here, enjoy, and welcome. USA 45

Posted by mother wolf on April 12 2008,8:02 pm
I guess it's time to say hello too, offically. I joined NC last yr but somehow just got caught up in GC & didn't get back here. SORRY.

I was introduced to caching by DudleyGrunts Uncle Ed, Rookie49, who I worked with for many yrs. After going out a few times caching I was hooked. I love it. I have met the greatest folks & had some really fun times.

It's nice to find a truely neutral territory where we can cache as individuals without, hopefully, to much political junk. Having spent almost 25 yrs with the AF I'm glad I can post a 'Support our Troops' logo here.

I'm looking forward to meeting some more new people through NC & expanding my adventures.

Glad to be here. See ya's on the trails. Mother Wolf   :wave

Posted by Combatvet on April 29 2008,5:15 pm
And yet another new kid from!

I am one of the MAGC members that made the crossover.

I was introduced to caching by my wife's best friend and her boyfriend, and have been having fun ever since. Glad to be around people that love this hobby like I do.

Will be posting my caches on here once I get to the point that I am ready to put them out, have 2 or 3 in the works.

See ya'll out there!

Posted by USA 45 on April 29 2008,5:24 pm
Welcome Combatvet, Nice to see you here. I got 25 MAGC series caches Im getting ready to put out as soon as Park ok's permit. They will be on NaviCache only. I dont need the hassel of half of them being denied because I say thank you to some one. Good to have you aboard Eric. Later USA 45
Posted by Combatvet on April 29 2008,6:19 pm
Arline, it is always a pleasure! :laugh:
Posted by ParBigMp on April 29 2008,7:02 pm
Hello everone ,I just joined NaviCache today am also a Proud Member of MAGC.
I am also a Army Vet from 1962-1975

Posted by USA 45 on May 04 2008,5:09 pm
:wave Welcome Big Par MP, look for my caches under my name and claim them here JT. I know you have found them lol.

Posted by Strangeman on June 24 2008,7:08 pm
Well I'm new here but the wife and I are experienced cachers. We have a number of caches out through GC. Is there any problem with cross listing them here?
I know GC frowns on the practice but we would love to make them available to everyone who caches.
Any way, Hello to one and all  :grinnin

Posted by PC Medic on June 24 2008,8:10 pm
Welcome  :wave  and no problem at all cross-posting your cache listings (many do).
Posted by Strangeman on June 24 2008,8:14 pm
Thanks much  :D

If I had read a little further before posting I would have seen it  :rolleyes

Posted by mother wolf on June 27 2008,7:16 pm
Welcome Strangeman. Many of us are travelers between multiple sites. We have all been welcomed here......which is great. Enjoy!  MW
Posted by USA 45 on July 10 2008,1:33 pm
Welcome Strangeman, Enjoy the site, USA45
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 14 2008,9:53 pm
A long time coming...but hello all!:laugh:
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