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started by: Rogheff

Posted by Rogheff on Feb. 06 2008,7:52 pm
The Boy Scouts of America, wisely, have chosen to embrace geocaching and encourage it's use by Scouts when possible.  I have found that caching is an excellent tool for providing a great Scouting program.  

Ask an 11 year old boy if he wants to go on a 5 mile hike and you can hear the grumbling for miles.  Ask him if he'd like to go find a couple of hidden treasures and the reaction is much different.

One of the geocaching programs that the BSA is promoting is the Cache to Eagle program.  Cache to Eagle is a 12 cache series designed to take cachers to the locations of 12 Eagle Scout Service Projects based on teh 12 points of the Scout Law.  It's a great opportunity to see the hard work and planning that Scouts have to do to become Eagle Scouts.

I placed a Cache to Eagle series on another website last year for the Southeast Wisconsin Council.  The reviews and logs that I received showed that it was an incredibly popular and well-respected series.

Since I have started to place caches on, I feel it's appropriate to include a NaviCache to Eagle series.  These caches are not available elsewhere, they're Navicache exclusives.

If there are any Scouters out there in Navicacheland who would like to place their own series, < GeoScouting > explains the entire process.  You can always send me an email for more info as well.

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