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started by: EagleO10

Posted by EagleO10 on Jan. 17 2008,5:10 am
The Soaring Eagles United States Geocachers Association (SEUSA) is a geocaching group for kids ages ten through eighteen. Our mission: to educate all people about geocaching and to get America’s youth involved. Started and run all by kids including EagleO-10 (age 13) and StillwaterGeoff (age 14), we go on monthly cache hunts and hikes and have monthly meetings. We also hold annual travel bug races and are currently planning a campout to Mount Marcy, New York’s highest peak, for the fall. We are based out of Stillwater, New York.

We have a website at that includes many links, downloads, polls, a forum and more. The website and all its contents are open to all geocachers. We encourage everyone to check it out. If you’re a “kid-cacher” like us, you’ll enjoy being in the company of others your age and talking about what we all have in common: a love for geocaching! You can even pursue becoming a SEUSA “Full Member” and really becoming a part of the group.

That is why the group was thought of by EagleO-10 in the summer of 2006. After experiencing his first caches just weeks before and on the way home from a trip to Rhode Island after bagging multiple caches, EagleO-10 though it would be a lot of fun to get his friends involved and maybe go caching as a group one in a while. From there, it snowballed, picking up more local members and going caching monthly. Now, we are trying to expand our organization across the country.

We are not here to take you away from your other groups (especially this one). We actually provide a list of links on our website and encourage our members to check them out. We offer a place for kids who enjoy geocaching to be around others like them. We also push extremely hard for safety. Any inappropriate or offensive action by other members or content is prohibited, will be stopped immediately and will be prevented from happening again. So check out our website, we think you’ll enjoy it. Especially if you’re like us! Thanks!

-The SEUSA Directors Team :)

Posted by Rogheff on Feb. 02 2008,4:25 pm
As a Scout Leader who uses geocachign extensively in the Scouting program, I'm certainly interested in what you have to say.  Do you have a website?
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 02 2008,6:13 pm
He mentions < their site > in the text of his post. It was not set as a hot-link though so easy to miss.

Nice to see scouts involved in geocaching.

Posted by Rogheff on Feb. 03 2008,7:54 am
Ummm, I see

I'm setting up a new Navicache series that's designed to showcase Eagle Scout Service Projects.  There will be 12 caches in the series.

Interestingly, the BSA has embraced geocaching, but that enthusiasm hasn't trickled down to the masses.  In my local Boy Scout Council there are three (3) avid Geocacher/Scouters, myself included.  There's a few other Scouters who dabble in caching from time to time, but most of the leaders I talk to, have no real idea what geocaching is all about even though I've set up and promoted numerous caches in the Council Camp and even hel a GeoEvent there.

I find that geocaching is a great way to work on rank advancement requirements.  Ask an eleven year-old boy if he wants to go on a 5 mile hike, and  I can hear the grumbling waaaay over here.  Ask that same kid if he'd like to go find 4-6 hidden treasures along a hike that may take him 5 miles - well, now that's another story, now isn't it?

I'm in favor of getting kids involved in caching, whether it's Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA or your group - doesn't matter to me.  There's a website you may want to check out < GeoScouting > that may hold some interest to you.

Posted by Rogheff on Feb. 03 2008,7:59 am
You might want to update the descriptions in your "Links" section or you may not get much interest from members of this site.
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 03 2008,10:10 am
Quote (Rogheff @ Feb. 03 2008,9:59 am)
You might want to update the descriptions in your "Links" section or you may not get much interest from members of this site.

Which links section on which site do you refer to here ???
Posted by Rogheff on Feb. 03 2008,2:05 pm
Sorry, the SEUSA site has several links to geocaching websites (some are more favorable)
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