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Topic: Cache thief
started by: PILTY

Posted by PILTY on Oct. 16 2007,8:33 am
My ex wife to be is going to keep stealing the "Yank and Brit" cache.  We can't have her caught in the act but we can replace the cache!  It's quite a drive from where she lives so it takes some effort for her to steal it.  Can we beat that effort and keep the cache alive?  If you go look for it and don't fid it then simply add a cache there.  Please don't let her ruin the cache site for everyoe else.

You can contact me through or at


Posted by PILTY on Oct. 16 2007,10:10 am
Too late.  She wins this one but, watch for the new caches where she can't get them!
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 16 2007,3:35 pm
As explained in emails to both of you, please do not make the site a place for this battle. Geocaching is a family oriented sport to be enjoyed and i do not want personal battles fought within the site. You have each been contacted by email as well regarding thsi and steps that can be taken.

I am closing this thread.

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