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Topic: Cross-placing Caches
started by: Hoosier Locators

Posted by Hoosier Locators on Dec. 14 2005,2:04 pm
What is everyone's thoughts on listing same caches on both sites GC & NC ?,I have 8 caches in GC ,if there is no real problem,I'd like to make them available here too ! I wonder to is there several people here that also do the GC caches and may have already done mine ? I want to see NC grow BIGtime ! I do plan on a few caches in near future just for NC only !
Posted by IndyLocator on Dec. 14 2005,6:52 pm
:withstupid   Hey knuckle head! Aren't you supposed to read the other fourms before you post a topic, Like This One, that has already been started? :sick  :grinnin  :2cool
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 14 2005,6:57 pm
Cross-posting of caches is welcome and done by many for various reasons. I actually used to cross-post my own at one time (though I no longer list them on
Posted by IndyLocator on Dec. 14 2005,7:15 pm
:p Yeah Man !!!    Cross'em over! Let's do this thing.  Cache on Dude! :O

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