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Topic: Spam from this site?
started by: Jomarac5

Posted by Jomarac5 on April 05 2005,10:50 pm
I just < read a post on the GC forums > where a fellow stated that he received spam as a result of joining Navicache.

I've been a member of Navicache for quite some time and have never received any spam to the e-mail address that I use on this site.

Someone needs to dispell this before people start believing it.

I would post something on the GC forums about it myself, but, well, they don't let me post there anymore.


Posted by PC Medic on April 06 2005,4:39 am
I looked and did not see an open thread I could reply to in response to the one you refer to. A shame they let someone make a garbage statement like that and then lock the thread before you can 'say it aint so, but I can say this here....

We ( do not send ANY unsolicited emails of ANY kind. In fact, we do not currently even send a newsletter similar to the weekly cache notifications that sends.
The only automated email one should receive from us is a 'Cache Log Notification' should someone make a log entry to a cache you own/list within our database.

I suspect this individual may have received an email (SPAM) where the sender did what all of them do these days and that is to 'Spoof' the 'From' address to make it appear as though it came from someone else. We receive them ourselves from time to time from one of our own addresses that has not been in use for over 3 years.

Posted by YardBoy on April 17 2005,1:16 pm
Quote (Jomarac5 @ April 06 2005,12:50 am)
...where a fellow stated that he received spam as a result of joining Navicache...

I've never received SPAM "as a result of joining" this site, but if I was foolish enough to use this Forum as a posting place for Quinn's addy, i.e. the literal "" or the mailto: URL, then nefarious 'bots/spiders crawling the WWW can collect the addy and abuse it.  Abuse not only hassles the recipient, but overloads the receiving domain's mailserver ;^)  

You'll possibly notice that the Contact Us feature of this site smartly uses a form and no links.

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