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Topic: Searching for a Navicache member
started by: Jomarac5

Posted by Jomarac5 on Jan. 28 2005,8:41 pm
Is it possible to do a search for a specific username on this site?

I noticed the Members button at the top of the forums and looked for the username that I'm trying to locate, but couldn't find it. Is that a list of all Navicache members or just those who have posted in the forums?



Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 30 2005,7:03 pm
Currently the search you did only shows those with registered 'Forum' accounts. Not all that cache (in fact only a small percent) actually participate in the forums.

If they have placed a cache in our database you may do a detailed cache search using the member name as the search criteria.

Posted by Jomarac5 on Jan. 30 2005,7:08 pm
Thanks for the reply PC Medic.


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