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Topic: How far for the Hitchhikers?
started by: deforest

Posted by deforest on July 04 2001,11:22 am
Was wondering what everyones thought were.  Should the Hitchhikers stay local or should we try to 'send them out' far away.  I travel frequently to other parts of the country and could easily place one on the west coast.  Is this considered uncool or should the hitchhikers make small 'hops' only?!?
Posted by Gimpy on July 04 2001,11:45 am
I think it would be great if they headed West. The only downside would be if the finders didn't come to Navicache & keep their journey updated. Staying local & bouncing around from cache to cache has been fun, but sooner or later, everybody will have had possession of them at one time or another. I'd like to see how far they could travel. Who knows, at some point they could pop up in the UK or South Africa. I bet eventually they'd end up coming back this way. It may take years but it would be great to follow their journeys.
Posted by Delta Team on July 04 2001,1:12 pm
I think if we try to make sure all have a log of some sort, and made the Nav site available in them... We would be able to track them anywhere. Cachers are pretty good about things <right?> I know my kids will like hear about the travels.
Posted by Road Kill on July 04 2001,9:13 pm
I started a Geo-Snail (mocking snail mail) hitch hiker in Chicago with instructions to guide it back home to Western New York.  Sort of like a homing pigeon.  It has found it's first ride and is about to enter Indiana. It's log is here in Navicache forums under Midwest Region.  To answer the question they're whatever you design them for. Unless someone else desides to do something different with them.  I have another planned for dropping in Pheonix AZ soon.
Posted by dgridley on July 04 2001,9:20 pm
Of course, they will customize beanies with a logo and url so that may be one incentive for people to log back in and post where the Hitchhiker has ended up.. all he needs is a label of some sort.
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