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Topic: Sequence of events - placing first cache...
started by: epicanis

Posted by epicanis on Oct. 09 2004,12:39 am

I'm plotting to do my part to help rectify the small number of Navicache-posted caches in my local area, and now I'm thinking about the actual procedure involved in placing the cache.

If I want to include a pointer to the cache's entry on either on or in the cache itself, should I place the cache, then come back and enter it here, then go back to the cache again and add the information?  Or can I create the cache entry with an "approximate" ICBM address so as to create the URL to include with the cache, and then come back after placing it and update the location information?

(I'm hoping to finish designing and placing "Bad Haiku Cache #1" sometime this weekend...)

Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 09 2004,6:28 am
I am not sure if maybe I am misunderstanding the question, but as a rule you should always place the cache before you submit the listing. Doing otherwise could have bad results.

Generally the URL=]Stash Note[/URL] would contain the cache 'name'  and the name of the listing site, but not an actual URL to the cache listing. I am not sure many would take the time to write down the complete URL. Besides, unless you are expecting 'chance' finds of the cache, finders have seen and are there as a result of the listing any way.

Posted by epicanis on Oct. 09 2004,12:42 pm

It is chance finds that I was thinking of - I was just considering the possibility of including, say, some "business cards" printed up with instructions for looking up the cache details online, so that if anyone did find it by chance they could take one of the cards and check out the record later.  Just trying to make it easy.

Having some way of predicting what the "direct" URL would be might be a nice minor feature, but not strictly necessary (a more "generic" such card printed with instructions on using the cache search page to look up the cache by its title should work nearly as well for this purpose).

The "finders take a card from the cache and do something with it online later" idea is just a continuation of another set of thoughts I've been considering...but that's a topic for another thread.

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