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Topic: Downloadable navicache data?
started by: epicanis

Posted by epicanis on Sep. 14 2004,5:43 pm
I've been poking around, but I'm not finding any place to download any of the navicache data directly.

I'd love to keep an updateable local copy of the coordinates and descriptions of the Navicaches to go with the realtime mapping software I've got on my laptop. áMy wife and I do a lot of travelling, and it'd be convenient to spot where local caches might be when we've got time for side-trips...

Posted by epicanis on Sep. 14 2004,5:48 pm
Okay, I'm an idiot.  Or just too quick to post, one or the other.

I just found the link mentioned in <;t=334 >

In the immortal words of Emily Litella - "Oh.  Never mind."

Posted by Scout on Sep. 14 2004,10:18 pm
Even though you found the answer yourself, your post was still a timely reminder that the ability to download any and all caches is offered by Navicache. A nice feature.
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