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Topic: In the minority
started by: ae708

Posted by ae708 on July 30 2004,1:29 pm
I guess I must be in the minority. I found out quickly that my old Magellan XL is much easier to use when geocaching. The Meridian Platinum is cool...lots of stuff on it but not for me. The screen is too small for the mapping function in my opinion. Sooo, it's going on Ebay today... someone is gonna get a good buy on a virtually brand new unit. I'm looking at the Garmin iQue 3600 when this one sells... now that looks cool.
Posted by PC Medic on July 30 2004,3:54 pm
I always find the screen size to be fine on the Meridians, but I guess we all have our own tastes. Shame you are going to get rid of it, but having just purchased it why not return it for refund rather than sell it on Ebay?

Also, while the Garmin iQue 3600 may be a nice piece of technology, keep in mind when using for geocaching that it is not built to IEC-529 IPX7 specifications which means if you drop it in the drink or it is raining out it may not fair to well. Its general construction is also not very rugged and flip up antenna not as good for reception as those with quadrafilar helix antennas. Great travel companion, but in my opinion anyway, not the best choice for geocaching.

Posted by ae708 on July 30 2004,4:42 pm
Like I said... my old Magellan works great for geocaching. It just doesn't have all the stuff that the Platinum has. It's much easier for me to follow to a cache though.
Posted by welch on July 31 2004,7:58 am
May you have fun, geocaching with whatever unit you like to use? :thumbs-up
Posted by ae708 on July 31 2004,8:19 am
Thanks Welch...that's as it should be...have a great weekend. :wave
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