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Topic: Garmin eTrex Legend Purchase
started by: sroussie

Posted by sroussie on April 07 2004,2:43 pm

I am just starting out in geocaching and I need to purchase a GPS unit. I have done some research and it seems to me that the eTrex Legend will suit me. I need to stay under $200. Does any one have opinions on this unit?


Posted by GeoRockers on April 07 2004,10:46 pm
Greetings Sue! :wave

Quote (sroussie @ April 07 2004,1:43 pm)
I have done some research and it seems to me that the eTrex Legend will suit me. I need to stay under $200. Does any one have opinions on this unit?

The eTrex series (I own the basic yellow) are nice, compact, ergonomically designed units which are great for use in wide open areas or in areas with low to moderate tree cover.


Posted by Renegade Knight on April 08 2004,9:29 pm
The eTrex legend is a good starter GPS.
Posted by apogee on April 19 2004,8:42 am
Sue, if you're still trying to decide, I've had my Legend about two weeks [first GPSr] and so far have had no problems.  

I heard warnings about poor reception under light tree cover.  Right now I'm inside a room with two windows that have barely open, metal blinds.  I just turned on my Legend and had satellite acquisition within 30 seconds.  Just for fun, I compared the Legend's coordinates with geocode's < Tele Atlas calculator > which gives map coordinates for any US street address.  The difference in measurements was .0001 degrees [~15 ft?] in latitude and longitude.  

My only complaints are that the high resolution and small screen size make text hard to read [you can increase font size], and it's a little hard to read in medium light situations [but OK in the dark with the backlight].  I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Posted by sroussie on April 19 2004,8:52 am
Thanks. I bought my legend last week and I am very happy with it. I have already used it a few times. My son loves it too. I will have to check out Tele Atlas Calculator to check out my coordinates.


Posted by whiplassh on Aug. 13 2004,11:37 am
Hey...i just purchased an etrex legend, then i heard about this game...are there any cachers in east texas?
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 13 2004,6:48 pm
There are cachers all over the world not just Texas. Have you gone out yet or searched for caches in your area?

By the way...Welcome!   :)

Posted by trail hound on Aug. 14 2004,6:19 pm
I just paid under $100.00 for a Garmin Legend at < >
But they are going fast!!!!!!!

Posted by Auctionneer on Dec. 29 2004,9:46 pm
Hi...I'm new and thinking of getting into caching and I have been looking into the garmin etrex legend C unit. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? Thanks...the
Auctionneer :O

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 30 2004,6:34 pm
The Etrex family are fine units for those people living in areas where tree cover is not a problem. If you are thinking of caching or hiking in areas where there might be some dips in the terrain or the coverage is poor, you might want to thinkj about getting a unit with a Quad antenna over the patch antenna that the Etrex family come with... perhaps look towards the Magellan Sportraks or the Meridian units by magellan.
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 31 2004,5:46 am
I started with a Yellow eTrex myself here in Eastern Virginia.

As Quinn says, they (eTrex's) are great if you do not get into too much tree cover or hilly area. While I never failed to find a cache in my area with one, there were a few in wooded areas that were much more difficult thatn with some of my other units with quadrifilar antenna.

Posted by mickemt on Dec. 31 2004,6:04 pm
I use the Legend, great unit!
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