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Topic: Experiences with GARMIN GPS III ?
started by: Die Waldläufer

Posted by Die Waldläufer on Mar. 19 2004,2:36 pm
Hi together !

We (me and my wife) are new in this hobby. We are from central Germany, where some nice quests are waiting for us.
Well, I own a GARMIN GPS III, quite an old model, and I asked myself, how to get the waypoints into it. Does anybody has got any experiences with this system ?
We are looking forward to chasing some nice caches ! :p

Hope to stay in contact, greez from Lennestadt/Germany
( N 51°06.106' E 008°04.561' / UTM 32U 0435301 5661552 )

Die Waldläufer

Posted by Die Waldläufer on Mar. 19 2004,2:52 pm
I forgot to ask if anybody can recommend a mapping-software for our notebook ?! I think of a program, where I can search places by LetLong coordinates or UTM coordinates.

Thanks a lot !

Die Waldläufer... :wave

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 20 2004,8:45 am
Hi back at ya :wave  and Welcome to NaviCache!

I have never used the Garmin III, but I believe Quinn has so maybe he can help with that part of your question.

As for software for your laptop, I believe GeoRockers (George) has written something and you may also want to look at < GPSS > from Robin Lovelock's site.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 20 2004,9:27 am
The Garmin III and the IIIPlus were a couple of the finer hand held GPSR's that Garmin put to market, go figure why they stopped making them though?

Anyways, even though your unit is slightly different than the IIIPLus the commands are still the same...

If you are trying to place a coordinate into the unit just do it this way...

1- Hit the "ENTER/MARK" key and hold it until it marks your location.

2- When this is done it will allow you to use the large center scroll key to move around that screen and change the coordinate that is is the box. Just scroll up to the coordinate field and make your coordinate change to what you want. You can then also scroll to the name field and add a name to the coordinate so you know what it is.

3- Once you have done this scroll down to "Save" or "Goto" and you are all set!

Be sure to make sure you have WGS84 entered in there but I am sure it is as most those units came with this as the main datum.

If you have other questions please feel free to ask!

NOTE: I would translate this into German for you but I think the last time I did that I called the persons mother a bad name by accident! :p

Posted by Die Waldläufer on Mar. 20 2004,9:47 am
Thanks a lot to both of you !
Well, it´s not really neccessary to translate your posts into german, my english is not perfect, but I understand nearly everything, things about my mother, too :;):
I´ll try this coordinates-stuff next time and we´ll see, if my english is sufficient...hehehehe
Today we found our first Cache, although my GPS had "poor coverage"...
Thanks a lot, again !


Die Waldläufer :wave

Posted by welch on Mar. 20 2004,9:04 pm
Quinn, I have some more Garmin III questions for you, if you don't mind.

(these were emailed to me from an area cacher, so far no one around here has any experince with that unit)

"Using one of the borrowed Garmin III units I made two waypoints to begin with. I then deleted them but for some reason they still showed up on the screen. (1) Do you know what I need to do to make sure that does not happen again?
(2) Also, can you tell me how to set it up so that the arrow
symbol that is showing my location remains centered in the screen so that when I move it does not wander off?
(3) Can I shut off the trail or track or whatever it's called?"

(As I said these were emailed to me, so I can't really explain any vaugeness questions. But If you think you can help, I'll direct him to this thread :thumbs-up. Any ideas?)

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