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started by: ILBCNU

Posted by ILBCNU on Nov. 12 2003,6:00 pm
Geocaching seemed very interesting so I borrowed an old Magellan GPS from my dad who got it as a present and never used it. After reading up on how to geocach, I decided to give it a try. When I got my first coordinates they were listed as (example: 41 degrees 34.544. My question is this, my GPS only reads 41 degrees 34.54. Is this an out of date GPS and or does it really make that much of a difference?
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 12 2003,8:22 pm
Many of the older GPS units out there from both Garmin and Magellan only provided two places to the right of the decimal. This places you off several feet but there are many cachers out there that still use these units to locate Geocaches.

The newer units out there (even the cheap ones for around 100.00) offer three places to the right of the decimal which will get you closer to your end coordinate.

If you can master the GPS you have then you are well on your way. But if you wish to get as accurate as possible then you may have to head out and spend some money on a new unit. :p

Posted by barrington on Nov. 12 2003,10:28 pm
If that's a Magellan 315, it defaults to show only two decimal places, but is capable of showing three places.  Look through the menus for setup option to change it; I don't remember exactly where it is.  I started caching with a 315, got very discouraged until I found how to get that extra decimal.  

The 315 will do most everything you need for caching, but if it's a couple years old a firmware update (download from Magellan) will help a lot.  In the earlier versions, "averaging" mode kicked in too soon, while you were still moving slowly, and didn't home in on the target very well; this has been corrected, but you'll need a cable to connect to the computer.  A cable for a MAP330 will work if you can borrow one.

Have fun!

Posted by ILBCNU on Nov. 13 2003,1:20 am
Thanks for taking the time and energy to help me. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Posted by virgo91967 on Sep. 05 2004,1:42 pm
I also have an older magellan, the 310.  I fixed the third  digit missing problem by changing over to the UTM coordinate system.  No decimals to wory about and actually has the potential to be a tad more accurate than lat/lon even with the third place (3.25 feet vs 5.28feet) only time I resort to using Lat Lon is when working a multi puzzle cache, then I have to really work... especially if the third digit is in the 3-7 range.  Which can put me off by anywhere from 15 to 25 feet off.  more if the cache was hidden by somone using an older unit as well

I love my maggie 310..  Granted , it would be nice to be able to dload the WP's BUT that doesnt bother me too much

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