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Topic: First GPS
started by: Fritz_Monroe

Posted by Fritz_Monroe on Nov. 22 2003,7:51 am
I just ordered my first GPS last night.  I decided on the Magellan Sportrak Map.  I want to thank everyone that helped me decide on this model.  Ended up getting it from Harmony Computers.  Final price including shipping $170.  Tack on the Magellan Rebate, and it's down to $140.  Not a bad deal at all, huh?

I should be looking for my first cache next weekend.  I've located a couple within walking distance of my house, so maybe before Thanksgiving dinner I'll be finding my first one.  Looking forward to getting it and getting started.

Thanks again


Posted by Nozoki on Dec. 23 2003,9:26 am
Bought my Sporttrak Map this past weekend. Been playing with it a bit, trying to get a feel for it. Was a tough decision for me between that and the Garmin Etrex Legend. Glad I went with the Sporttrak now that I've had the chance to handle it a bit. The signal strenght is great, even in my house. Gonna try to find my first cache today after work.:)
Posted by Snipe33 on Dec. 27 2003,1:40 pm
I too was torn between the Magellan and the Garmin.
I went with the Garmin Etrex Legend months ago after testing out a Garmin and a Magellan Sportrak.
I just can't stand the lousy screen and resolution on the Magellans.
The screens/graphics on the Garmins are just more detailed.

Posted by Northern Lights on Jan. 06 2004,4:03 pm
Ya, it's a toss up.....slightly better screen graphics with the Garmin.....or a much more sensitive antenna with the Magellan.  I switched from Garmin to Magellan last year.   Both are great can't go wrong with either. :thumbs-up
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