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Topic: Some newbie tech q's
started by: ponds

Posted by ponds on Nov. 17 2003,9:59 pm
Hello everyone.

I was whining on another message board (not-caching related), about how I couldnt find a non-computer related hobby that was interesting, and then a friend pointed me to (The more I hear about, the less I like the way its ran, though), and I was really amazed with it.  This was last night, so I'm still very new, though I found 2 caches today.

I went with the Magellan SporTrak map.  It seemed to be a good compromise between low price, and map support.  I'm really happy with it, other than the fact that it isn't very pretty.

Now, I want to get some topo maps of my area downloaded on to my GPSr.

The guy at radio shack wanted me to buy the Magellan map software,  but it is for Windows only.

Does anyone know if there is any software to send maps to the GPSr using linux?  Are there any sites that you can download maps at?  I really hate to make a first impression of being a linux zealot here, but I hope to god that I'm not going to have to install windows to get maps.

Also another thing, which is kind of off topic.  Another hobby of mine is discovery of wireless networks(not "hacking" them, LEGAL).  I never bought a GPS to log them with before because I didn't The GPS connecter is serial.  My laptop doesn't have a serial connector.  I can make a serial to ps2 adapter with a few hours of work, or just buy one.  If I get the GPSr connected to ps2 this way I'll still be able to recieve data from the GPS with my laptop right?  I'm not talking about sending maps or anything here, just taking the raw NMEA data and logging it.  I figure I can do it with a few symlinks and pipes, but wanted to ask if anyone else had experience with it.

I'd like to applaud the community for making such a great hobby.  I haven't been looking a year for a hobby that wasn't computer related.  Nothing really interested me.  I always wanted to do outdoor exploration / hiking, but I never saw much purpose in it.  GPS/Geocache gives me that purpose.

Also, what does everyone think about putting linux CDs in caches?  I'm a LUG president, and I'm always trying to find new ways of getting people to convert.  But, I'm afraid that someone will get it and dive in installing it without knowing what it is, and not know that they're probably deleting windows and all their programs/data.  Maybe if I put a note in the cd sleeve, but I still would worry.   Maybe I should stick with the bootable live linux CDs like knoppix.


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