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Topic: Experiences with EGNOS?
started by: hackie

Posted by hackie on Nov. 17 2003,1:38 am
Most of the newer GPS devices can use the EGNOS signal that should increase the accuracy of your position readings. However, EGNOS is still under evaluation and planned to go live by 2004. Currently, when you activate EGNOS on your device, you will find that it works quite fine on one day (accuracy < 2m!), and does not work on the other day. During the last weeks EGNOS seemed to be less available than before.

What are your experiences with EGNOS in Europe?

Greeting form Hackie

P.S. EGNOS is the European counterpart of WAAS.

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 17 2003,6:56 am
I'm outside Europe since more or less one month, but mi previous experience is that egnos is still unusable for practical purposes.

While I left Italy I was unable to lock any EGNOS satellite even from places with totally open view of the sky. Some months ago (6 or so) as you said EGNOS was giving effective corrections. Then it started to give bad corrections (in the sense that EPE increased with EGNOS on), then it disappeared... In fact the EGNOS service has to start (according to ESA schedule) in 2004, third quarter. At beginning of 2004 has to become operational Artemis, the third EGNOS satellite, the one exactly above Europe...

Until at least half 2004 I don't think EGNEOS will be in any way reliable...

Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 21 2003,3:38 pm
I just found out yesterday that my MeriGold is EGNOS Compatible. On the Sat Signal screen, it's showing active W sats, and getting signal from them in the UK. I always assumed it was WAAS, but perhaps it's EGNOS. if that's the case, then it's pretty good for accuracy. I never seem to be more than 6 feet off of the WP when caching in the UK, but I have noticed I am often 20 feet off in the US. I've also noticed that my MS Autoroute software (European equivalent of S&T) has the accuracy to show which side of the road I am on.

Could someone tell me, am I picking up EGNOS or is it a low horizon WAAS? Usually the Sat is in the southwest , although I seem to remember one showing up as east.  When I'm in the US, I always show 2, one se, one sw.

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 22 2003,9:53 am
Technically should be EGNOS. The western of the two actually operating egnos satellites should be the one you are picking. Also I think so because your GPS is supposed to have an algorythm to discriminate if actually is under the area where the corrections it receives make sense (i.e. where the ground stations are, ionospheric corrections of american stations are totally useless in Europe and should actually decrease your accuracy), and only in this case use them. So it should be no apply WAAS corrections in Europe, even if seeing a WAAS satellite.

But you can make an easy test: if tomorrow stops working and starts again the day after, and then and then... well, is EGNOS  :D .

Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 22 2003,10:23 am
I kept an eye on this today while I was out and about (I'm in the UK at the moment) and I was showing 2 sats with signal (a little black box appears around it) but they were both showing as SW, approx 15 of arc apart. Perhaps I'm getting the Eastern US WAAS sat low on the horizon and the Western Europe EGNOS too.

Either way, I still find the accuracy in The UK to be far better than the US. I still reckon this is intentional on the part of the US military.

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