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Topic: ipaq gps?
started by: shebre

Posted by shebre on Nov. 16 2003,11:14 am
I am just getting started in geocaching and have a question before I buy a unit. I have an ipaq 5550 and was wondering if there are any good gps add on units or would I be better off buying a stand alone gps unit?

Any advice would be appreciated. :)


Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 16 2003,6:18 pm
Considering that the GPS you use for geocaching will get wet in the rain, and will be dropped a few times, I would go with a straight GPS unit.

If you don't need mapping, or any of the fancy features, you get get a basic model for $100 or even less.

(I have an add-on for my Palm device, to be used only for stealthy urban micro-caches, not in the field.

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 16 2003,6:37 pm
In our links section you will find a listing for < NAVMAN FOR IPAQ > which offer great gps add-0ns for the unit you mention. This would be great for you.

However he is correct. if you decide to go Geocaching in all forms of weather you might also want to consider something you can use and not worry about if it gets wet.

90% of GPSR's are made as being water proof. Look for something in the line of the Garmin IIIPlus if you are a Garmin fan, or pretty much any of the Magellan units (boy am I gonna hear it now  :p  )

Posted by shebre on Nov. 17 2003,9:45 am
Thanks much for the help.   :)  :)
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