Forum: Just Getting Started In Geocaching
started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on Oct. 16 2003,6:50 pm
Sorry, but I waited till the last minute to submit a cache... :(

I was hoping to have < >
approved in time for the Oct 18th Letchworth Fall Gathering event...

Is there any way this can be approved by then?
I would appreciate it SOOOOOO, SOOOO much!

I also have two more to submit tomorrow that I was also hoping to have approved in time... :(


Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 16 2003,9:25 pm
Most cache submissions are approved within a matter of hours, and rare it is not done the same day so no real need to ask special attention for these. Just as an FYI however, instead of the forums, this type of request (if needed) should be done through support on the  < Contact Us Page >.
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