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Topic: High Tech Needs?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 08 2002,5:52 am
With all the new fancy gadgets out there today, I was wondering just how many of you bring these new space aged toys with you while caching and why?
I myself will most likely follow the guide and buy a PDA as soon as funds allows for this. I must admit however that right up to now I don't usually take anything with me other than the coordinates,not even a topo map. But I think having these Battery Operated Gizmo's would make things a bit less of a struggle when in the field trying to remember clue's, maps, and whatever else the cache owner dropped in the way. I am still trying to picture Gimpy out there with 3 GPSR's, a digital camera, compass, PDA, cell phone, etc. He must look like a traveling salesman! :grinnin

Rocky! how bout you? what is it you trek around with while out caching ?
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 08 2002,8:31 am
And don't forget about ther low tech needs. Water,insect repellent,two-way radio(in case the significant other chooses to wait in the car),optional external antenna(in case the need arises),cache items to trade,writing instruments,calculator(making a multi a little less aggravating),flashlight,memo pad,pocket knife, some limited first aid stuff, lightweight rain poncho & sometimes a .50 cal. ammo can filled with goodies. With a good quality, comfortable back pack, you could have all of the above or none of the above, & head down a trail prepared for about anything, & look like someone thats heading down a trail, enjoying the outdoors, with nothing but a gps in hand.
Posted by barrington on Jan. 08 2002,8:56 am
I usually have a GPSR, compass, and spare batteries in a belt pack, and sometimes a second GPSR in a pocket, plus printouts of the cache info and a topo map, and a digital and/or film camera.

And I usually have a Ham radio VHF/UHF transceiver with me when away from "civilization"; in more remote areas, I carry a small tranceiver that links to a higher power mobile unit in the car for longer range, beyond cell phone capabilities.

And a couple of low-tech items I always carry, a pocket knife and a butane lighter. That old Boy Scout training hangs on. :p
Posted by mikechim on Jan. 09 2002,1:23 pm
On short hikes (2 miles or less) I usually only take my gps, compass, extra batteries, cache page printout, and water.  On longer ones I'll had some more water maybe a snack and a Cell phone (if I remember it, sometimes take the cell phone on dangerous hikes too) as well as an emergency whistle.  The only think I make sure I always always take is water.
Posted by Road Kill on Jan. 09 2002,2:39 pm
I take the GPS loaded, and a backpack. In the backpack: a compass, cache page printouts, (sometimes topo's if your headed to one of Rocky's) extra batteries. my new digital camera, a couple of plastic bags for trashing out and swapout items.  I seldom use the printouts or topos and often leave them home.

Aside from that it depends on the circumstances. In the spring add bug spray to the list. Long sleeves and long pants for the briars.

My favorite thing to take along is a first time cacher.  It's like watching your kids open Xmas presents. If they're not first timers I like teaching them the facts about huckle-buckle-beanstalk.

Ain't that right Quinn? :rotflmao
Posted by Choberiba on Jan. 09 2002,8:48 pm
I have a little red wagon that I tote the kitchen sink in.

Actually, I carry everything but. I carry this in a photojournalist jacket that has an ungodly number of pockets.

Trying to find an object by feel resembles the old movie schtick where some guy feels his body for wounds, patting here and there, looking for any signs.
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 10 2002,12:16 am
My next caching backpack is going to be like Rodney Dangerfields golf bag in Caddy Shack.
Posted by Choberiba on Jan. 10 2002,12:37 am
When can I audition for the role of "Gopher"

- Look Ma, two stars -
Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 10 2002,3:59 pm
Hi-tech needs.......

Extra batteries
Cell phone for emergencies

Low tech

Posted by Rocky on Jan. 11 2002,6:41 am
Well Quinn, if you really want to know I could tell you but then for national security reasons I'd have to kill you. :D
Posted by Buxley on Feb. 05 2002,2:31 pm
Unless the cache is very close to where I end up parking, I usually bring my Backpack of Many Things™. In it, I have water, enough tins of Cinnamon Altoids to fill ten caches, gloves (for caches that need to be dug out), my digital camera, a small flashlight, a printout of the cache page (''Now did  the hint say 'north' of the boulder or 'east' of the boulder???''), a few extra goodies just in case, some extra pencils for pencil-less caches (ditto ziplock bags), and some spare batteries.

As you can tell, I generally bring WAY too much junk with me on a cache hike, but it doesn't really weigh all that much and it's better than getting to the cache's location and discovering you forgot something.

The gloves in particular have been a help many times, and you never know ahead of time when they'll be needed.
Posted by Choberiba on Feb. 05 2002,10:58 pm
There's distance, and then there's time travelled.

Kablooey spent an hour driving to my potluck last Saturday but he only lived seven miles away. Pesky mountain rages were in the way.

I recently drove about 36 hours round trip to get to a cache in Las Vegas. Said hi to my Mom while I was there but basically (Like those cheese ads for California state) It was the cache.

The difference in terrain was amazing. No poison oak to worry about and no trees to block the signal. My Venture started to strut around acting like it was a GPS III+ or something.

I'm not z'actly sure, but I think I even had me a whiff of WAAS while there. The accuracy was at 12ft.

Hell, I don't ever see see anything anywhere near as accurate as 12ft up here in the land of goat cheese and bran.

I'm under the impression that exposure to WAAS signals makes a man thirsty. It couldn't be the dry desert air that had me reaching for a drink that often.
Posted by Quinn on Feb. 06 2002,5:42 am
I bring a back pack with me too! It's filled with ho-ho's, twinkys, zingers, pepsi, snickers bars. All the things you need to survive if lost in the woods!  J/K.

Those are good ideas on what to bring along Buxley, I knew you were big on the altoids as far as your signature item to leave in a cache. Look on the bright side, if you ever get lost in the woods and they find your body several days later, at least you will have good breath!  :grinnin

I was thinking of making my signature item "Hunters skunk scent cover" to place in caches but not quite sure how well it would go over.
First-aid kit, flashlight, extra bats, water, compass, backup gps, socks, and things of this nature are good additions to a pack.
Posted by 4x4van on Aug. 14 2003,11:51 am
I have a small hydro pack that has a good number of pockets for it's size. In it I carry Digital camera and cell phone, cache sheet and topo printouts, pocket knife and mini mag flashlite, my own log sheets and pen & pencils, a small calculator, a small first aid kit, bug repellent and sunscreen wipes, a small bar of soap and washrag, solar blanket, cylume light stick, compass, a few snacks (trail mix and jerky, usually), and of course the water bladder. I have a small hip-mounted case for my GPS and also clip a digital pedometer on my pocket. And of course a ziplock of my Geo-loot for trading! :2cool It sounds like a lot, but it really is a small pack and still has room for more stuff. I'd much rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Posted by lowracer on Aug. 17 2003,8:07 pm
FRS radio is a must, even if the spouse is not waiting behind in the car.  When out on the trail we keep our (extremely tiny) uniden units clipped to our shirt collar.  When we need to talk, if we've gotten kinda spread out in the search or along the trail, instead of screaming at each other, we just reach up for the PTT switch and talk normally.  Well we do occasionally throw in a "roger that" or some other radio talk just for fun.   :O
Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 17 2003,8:46 pm
I have added the GMRS radios to the carry alongs myself.
I see Cobra even makes a GMRS/GPS combo now.

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