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Topic: Cache anonymity
started by: barrington

Posted by barrington on Mar. 08 2002,6:36 pm
Here's something I haven't seen covered here, how about some opinions?

How much, if any, traceable documentation do you include when placing a cache?  I usually put in a paper with the cache name, the (usually) two websites where it's listed, my "alias", and the "What is this" paper; this gives a route, via the websites, to contact me if necessary.  I stop short of leaving a name or email address.

It's occurred to me that leaving anything traceable in the cache might be unnecessary and perhaps leaves one a bit vulnerable to liability.

If the person finding the cache got the coordinates off a website, he already knows which cache it is, where and how to log the find, and how to contact you; if it was found by accident then maybe the finder should only find a brief explanatory note with no mention of specific websites or a cache name. It would take some real digging to find the cacher without the linkages spelled out.

How much information is appropriate?  Whatcha think? ???
Posted by Scout on Mar. 08 2002,7:00 pm
I think adding a page explaining the game and pointing to the Web site and the name of the cache is enough. Cachers only need the name and strangers need only the explanation and Web site. For both, that's enough to contact you, if they need to.
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 08 2002,8:25 pm
I also think adding the (What is this) stash note form is enough. All the explanations are on there.  ;0o
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 08 2002,8:45 pm
I tend to agree with both mag and scout though some of my caches I went a bit too far and pretty much told them my life story. I think leaving an explanation of what the game is and also asking them to please replace the cache after they take an item is enough. If there is ever a problem they can go to the site and e-mail us at Navicache (though unless made public we would not give out a members account) adn we can fix it at this end.
Posted by Morseman on Mar. 12 2002,4:15 pm
I put my works mobile phone number in, but if the remover read it, they certainly did not call me to give me the option to reclaim the cache.

So, next time I'll just put the Navicache URL on, but may try to get something in writing saying it is OK to place it.  Won't stop a tidy-upper taking it again though.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 12 2002,4:28 pm
I guess I’ve been using the full disclosure method, stopping short of my phone number and address. I have considered the liability issue but I figured if someone wants to sue me they’d track me down fast enough. Lawyers are good at that. ;)
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 12 2002,6:01 pm
I usually leave the website addresses and my 2nd email address.  Like Rob I figure if they want to track me down they could anyway.
Posted by Choberiba on Mar. 17 2002,12:57 am
I always put my cell number on the caches I place.
If there's a problem, I want to know ASAP.
I'm pretty free with it (510) 543-8836, I've posted in in many places. I don't answer if the caller has their ID blocked, instead allowing it to go to voicemail.
Posted by CameraThyme on Mar. 17 2002,2:12 pm
I plaster my e-mail address all about the paperwork and on the cache container.
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