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Topic: Searching The cache Lists
started by: PC Medic

Posted by Guest on Oct. 28 2001,8:18 pm
We all have are preferred method of searching the cache lists when planning our next outing.
What would be your preferred search criteria when searching the cache listings?

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 28 2001,8:48 pm
I do prefer the clickable map like Buxleys. Very easy & fast. The only shortcoming there, is if a number of caches are close together, & out of the zoomable area, you can not retrieve the cache information. They are on top of one another on the map.Today I went to the "Akron Walk" cache & the"Eversures C&S" cache. The caches are, I believe, less than 1 mile from each other.The only way I could get the info was to go through all the cache listings or use a zip code search. The zip code search also gives you distance from your selected zip code or area to each cache. But mapping software does that for me.Aside from instances like that, the maps are the only way to go. :looking:
Posted by Road Kill on Nov. 02 2001,6:55 pm
I love the maps to locate the clusters of caches especially when traveling on business or vacation. I prefer going the extra mile if I can find 3 or 4 in a 5 mile radius. Once the cluster is found using a set base coordinates is ideal. I use the "Nearby Caches" feature (at another site [sorry])a bunch. I have some personal software I'm developing now to do just that.         ;)
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