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Topic: Where to get custom Hiking Sticks?
started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 03 2002,11:05 am
Well title says it all.......I would prefer to see some examples online...

I know there was one person selling some at the Letchworth Fall Gathering, but I didnt get over to talk to him....
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 03 2002,6:52 pm
we were very fortunate to be able to buy one at the gathering at Letchworth. I love the one that we have. I also would like to know a good source for buying or seeing things like this. With luck the people that were selling them will see this post and make a follow up to it.  :)
Posted by barrington on Nov. 03 2002,8:51 pm
There's an outfit that shows up at craft fairs and such in Western NY  called "The Cane Factory" that has handmade walking sticks among the many wood items they make and sell.  I remember seeing some fancy spiral shapes as well as plainer ones, and not badly priced.  I bought a stockman's cane from them a few years ago, their name and phone # is stamped on it.  Might be worth a call.  The # is (716) 591-0114  (area code might be 585 now).  I have no idea where they're located in WNY, but the 591 exchange appears to be outside the Rochester area.
Posted by cenobite07 on Nov. 03 2002,11:00 pm
Just a couple I've seen mentioned:

< >

< >

< >
Posted by Dekaner on Nov. 06 2002,11:07 am
HFJohn's brother Larry makes and sells them.  He donated one to the raffle at Letchworth (thanks Larry!)

Let me know if you want contact information - I belive he lives in your neck of the woods.
Posted by Road Kill on Nov. 06 2002,9:34 pm
The best walking sticks are the ones you find on your own.  The next time your are out caching take one of those short handsaws with you and search for a stick on the way back to the car. In fact you may find a small downed limb or fall along the pathways. Pick up several and toss the lesser desired sticks keeping a minimum of one in each hand. Take them home a start scraping of the bark to pick the one you want to put time into.

The difference is that you can like almost any walking stick you have but you will most likely have the most pride in a stick you make.    :grinnin

Posted by DxChallenged on Nov. 17 2002,4:51 pm
Yeah the best walking sticks are the ones that you find on your own.......and I "found" mine on ebay.......guys last name is Wilson I think.....Sweety gal wants one and his "store" is now selling sticks for kids....I also noticed that he lists sticks for geocaching, couples and takes requests......puts quartz and other stones in if you want.

I must say I really like hiking with a walking stick....the problem is I need a third for the Foo the wonderdog, one for GPS and one for the stick........

Posted by theole34 on Nov. 19 2002,8:31 am
mount the GPSr to the stick. it will always be handy.  already looking at how i can do that.  we found and carved sticks for the kids.  they would always be picking up sticks, so it made sense just to make them.

i like some of the custom ones that are available.. the military retirement ones are amazing.

< look here. >
Posted by Clown Knife on Dec. 19 2002,3:49 pm
I've seen some very nice hiking staffs out there; wooden, aluminum, titanium., ........whatever! I'm planning to collect my hiking staff in the wild. It has to be natural wood and I will do all the work myself. I can't see paying 35 to 300 dollars for something I can find and make myself. But, I cannot blame anyone for buying one already made. There are some nice ones to be had.  :wave
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