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Topic: Avatars
started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Nov. 29 2001,6:32 am
I don't have a website of my own but I would like to set up an avatar showing a morse key.

I can make up a suitable JPG etc., but can't see how to add it to the list of avatars.

Is the only way to set up a website?


Posted by Quinn on Nov. 29 2001,6:44 am
No...not at all. If you have one you like e-mail it to us and we'll be more than happy to ad it to the list of avatars for you. This goes for anyone else as well. But uhhh, please keep it clean. If my mother-in- law had her way, hers would have been a naked blonde.  :grinnin

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 29 2001,4:48 pm
Ummm...due to Threats on my well being by my Mother-In-Law. I am retracting the comment about the "Naked Blonde" before I need my GPS to locate where she kicked my @$$ to  :grinnin

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