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started by: dbalok

Posted by dbalok on Mar. 12 2003,10:57 am
I am new to geocaching.  I just ordered a Magellan Meridian GPS and am wondering what else I should have.

Also I am wondering if there are any groups that get together in the Rochester, NY area?

Any and all advice is welcome.

Thanks and I am looking forward to some fun this summer!  That is if it ever gets here!
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 12 2003,11:11 am
Greetings, David.
Welcome to Navicache. Decent weather will be here before you know it, & the traffic here, as well as on the trails, will pick up real quick. I'd take the time to read a lot of the threads here in the forums. There's some great info here, both geocaching gear related & Magellan related. As far as folks getting together, that will happen with the nice weather as well. Get-togethers will be posted. I'm sure that if you'd like to take a few test runs your first few times out, either myself or any one of our other local cachers would be more than happy to go along with you. Again, welcome to the addiction, & hope to see you here & on the trails. :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 12 2003,11:58 am

I agree with Gimpy in saying if you would like some pointers or perhaps head out for a cache or two with someone, just e-mail me and I also would be glad to show you around a bit. I am also a Magellan user and any information you would like is just a phone call away.

Other than the gps there is not much else you need to get started. Which Meridian did you buy?

E-mail me at and I will give you my number, this way I can help you over the phone with any extra's you may want.

Welcome to the site! :)
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 12 2003,5:47 pm
Welcome to the site!

I think you will really like the Meridian, it is one of my favorites.
While I can't offer the local assistance you need in Rochester Quinn Gimpy Roadkill and many others are in that area. Me I prefer the warm weather of Virginia.

What else should you have for geocaching? Well I recommend you always carry extra batteries and some bug repellant. The rest all depends on just where you are headed. A compass and cell phone are always good in case of an emergency.

Be sure to check out our FAQ's and all the postings here in the forums. Lots of useful info and a lot of great people here to offer help.

Have fun and be safe
Posted by Cracker7M on Mar. 12 2003,10:43 pm
Hi David,
I have a Merigreen and I think i like it better than my Sportrak Map... :)

If you're from the Southern Tier, drop me a line...I'm VERY near Letchworth Park...I wouldnt mind having someone to cache with, since the girlfriend doesnt want to go anymore because she works outdoors in the woods all day... :(

Posted by cenobite07 on Mar. 14 2003,12:25 am
Hey David!

Welcome to this sickness we share!

If you're on the west side, I'm happy to help you explore the sport - It's always good to have someone along to climb trees, cross streams,  and send down steep slopes.... :^^

Seriously, I think you'll like the crowd here. :^:
Posted by Geo G on April 02 2003,6:12 pm
Hi David, Let me add my welcome to the sport and to the site.  Having bug spray and extra batteries is an excellent suggestion.  Just a word of caution: don't let the overspray from the bug spray get on your GPS screen.  I did, and found out the hard way that it attacks the plastic.  Not major, but it does cause a strange glare in some lighting conditions.  Like they say, if that's the worst that ever happens.....
Posted by DeerChaser on April 11 2003,6:37 pm
Don't forget an SD card and some maps.
Posted by Georat on May 02 2003,4:37 pm
Welcome to the crowd...I have a Meridian Gold and enjoy it very much. In addition to the SD Card upgrade and Topo Maps, I have also enjoyed interfacing my GPS to my laptop via a Data Cable. A compass can come in handy and the PDA is a cool addition...and be sure to take a cell phone with you!
Posted by Quinn on May 02 2003,4:53 pm
Georat sounds like he has his hands full with all that gear  :grinnin  but the Gold sure is a nice unit and the mem upgrade does come in handy for all the mapping additions.

I agree about the phone!
Posted by martivi1 on Oct. 10 2003,4:23 pm
Quote (Cracker7M @ Mar. 13 2003,12:43 am)
I have a Merigreen and I think i like it better than my Sportrak Map... :)

I'm too am new and still searching for the right GPS to buy.  I've never heard of the Merigreen before.  Who is the manufacturer?  Do they have a website?

Posted by cenobite07 on Oct. 10 2003,4:43 pm
The Merigreen is Magellans basic Meridian model - I think....

The meridians have bigger screens than the sportraks. (along with more memory options, and a few other bells and whistles..)

I really like my Sportrak Pro but do wish the screen were a bit bigger for the maps.

Welcome to the fun - the fall is my favorite time to be int he woods.

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