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Topic: Plotting LAT and LONG
started by: mrski

Posted by mrski on April 23 2002,10:07 am
Is there a web site or software that will allow you to plot specific LAT or LONG "lines" on a map of an area to locate places and or routes along either the LAT or LONG axis?
Posted by Quinn on April 25 2002,2:08 pm
I want to answer this but not quite sure what it is you wish to do? are you saying that when you enter a coordinate you are wondering if there is a software that will show you places of interest based on that coordinate? or just the area itself that the coordinate is from?
Posted by mrski on April 25 2002,3:49 pm
What I am looking for is a mapping program where you can designate a specific latitude or longitude and have the line appear on the map.  Not just the whole minute lines.   I found one online where I can get to one decimal of accuracy and that has helped a lot.
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