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Topic: Geocaching with Digital Cameras.
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 12 2001,1:46 pm
Many people with me included like to take the digital camera along on our Geocaching hunts to have some sort of proof or memory of our adventures.I also use mine as a means to keep some of the pages on the website updated and active. I looked around local area stores about a year ago for the camera I have (Olympus C-3000 Zoom) and the best price I could find at that time was about 750.00 US. I then looked around the net and came up with < buy > which offered the same camera for 150.00 less than the lowest price I could find in the stores, not to mention the shipping was free and no tax made it great. I got the unit three days after I orderd it with no problems.

What kind of cameras do you guys have and do you also take them with you while caching? if you have a place that you like to buy your equipment from that you feel would have a good price, let us know, this may help others in the future! ;)
Posted by Road Kill on Dec. 12 2001,2:44 pm
I have an Olympus Camedia E10 but I wasn't shopping for price or for a camera for caching alone. I went for pixels & zoom zoom zoom.  I have 4.1 megapixels, 3X optical and 4X digital zoom. Oh yes, a 1.5X aux. lens gives me 4.5X total optical zoom.  When I left Rowe they were grinning. Of course that means I also had to dish out for a printer that could show me the quality pictures I take. So a 1280 DPI Epson was in order and I left a CompUSA salesman grinning as well.  Now I'm filling up the computer with pictures and I'm going to need a CD burner soon. Someone tell me - where does it end?

The money's spent and it does no good to look back on it as foolish. I do get fantastic photos and I not going to the overnight photo shop one a week anymore.

I tend to guard the camera a bit more than my film unit but I do take it caching. I got a nice picture of a white squirrel a Bowters Lunch Box. Not albino, just very white.  :)

Maybe I could set it up as a rural webcam and take pictures of cachers in the corn field. :D
Posted by barrington on Dec. 13 2001,10:03 am
I've got a Sony DSC-S85 that goes with me most everywhere.  That was about the first one out at a reasonable price with 4.1 megapixels, and produces resolution nearly as high as I was getting scanning 35mm negatives with a film scanner at 2400 DPI, and the wider dynamic range allows better manipulation in the photo programs.  I get great prints with an HP 970CXI printer on Kodak photo paper, but most pics just stay in the computer (between film scans and digital pics, about 5 gigabytes worth).  

I also invested in a 120 meg memory card for the camera, and haven't come close to running out of "film" yet, even shooting at maximum resolution.  I've had the camera about six months, figure I've saved close to a hundred bucks so far in film and processing.

Got the camera at, they had the best price at the time, about 10% less than everyone else (and they're in CA so no tax).
Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 13 2001,11:45 pm
Still running my Kodak DC280 that I picked up a couple of years ago for about $600.00. Takes a great picture. 2.1 megapixel, at the time, was near top of the line. Took some 35mm photography courses last year, and mentioned to the course instructors that I was thinking about upgrading to one of the newer 3 or 4 megapixel units for my digital. Both told me that anything over 2 megapixel, to the naked eye, was not worth the additional investment. Both being professional photographers & instructors, I took their advice. Spent the money instead on a couple of lenses for my 35mm. I too have spent a lot of time & money at Rowe. They're good people. Have popped off about 3000 pics off the 280 so far & it has not skipped a beat. It's been on every cache adventure I've embarked on. If I'm just printing out shots for reference, I do it on an Epson Stylus Color 800. If I want to print a shot out in 8" X 10" to frame for the wall, I use my Epson Stylus Photo 870. The ink ain't cheap, but prints out a real nice picture on Epson Photo Glossy paper. Have burned about 10 cd's of pics. Great way to store memories. :xmas
Posted by dgridley on Dec. 14 2001,4:31 pm
For anything I need to do, my HP Photosmart 200 is fine... I bought mine at WalMart for about $200. and added a 16mb card for another $15. off ebay...
Posted by YardBoy on Dec. 14 2001,9:40 pm
I started with the Intel PC Camera, 640x480 (307,200 pixels Quinn) & sufficient for web pix.  Cost me $50 after rebate & I prefer it over my D-Link 350, 1024x768 (786,432) which is difficult to focus (don't have to focus with the Intel).  The D-Link was also $50 after rebate.


Posted by Clown Knife on Dec. 19 2002,4:31 pm
My digital camera is a Fujifilm FinePiX S602Z and I love it! However, it is a bit big and heavy to be lugging around on remote geocache hunts. I'm looking for a simple fixed-focus pocket camera to take on geohunts. Something that does VGA resolution (for the web) and will fit in my shirt pocket. I'm taking along enoug stuff as it is. GPS, Cell phone, Binoculars, flashlight, camera, pda, leatherman tool, maps, water, powerbars, geotoys, last will and testament......pant pant!
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