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Topic: What is it you like best about finding a Cache?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 22 2001,8:34 pm
I have put some great thought to this question I am placing here for feedback, and I have come to the conclussion that my main reason for Geocaching is more of a personal race. I like to see just how long it takes me to locate a Cache and get it logged from the time I start out on the hunt. At first I guess it was a number thing to try and have that one extra find that others did not. I have noticed by looking at some of the logs that people still like to rack up finds as a prime reason for Caching. I have also noticed that family Caching plays a nice role in the Cache content. I myself could really care less what is inside a cache but I guess that I would much rather find a cache that has Items that are different than the normal "Ball" and "Rubber lizard" that can be found in many Caches that are out there, though there is nothing wrong with this type of Cache.
Though it costs some money to do, I also enjoy placing Caches just as much as finding them if not a tad bit more. If I can stump a Cacher once in a while then that puts a smile on my face.
So anyways, back to my question...why do you Geocache and what do you like best about it?
Posted by mikechim on Nov. 23 2001,10:49 pm
The things I like best about finding caches are the same things that caused me to start the Gamehenge Rangers (cache placing group, with a whooping 2 members  :) )

What I like best about finding a cache, isn't actually finding the cache but the journey there.  Don't get me wrong I get pretty frustrated if I'm at the coordinates and can't find one    :angry: but once I complete the "journey" if you will, it is the journey that is why I do it.  

It can either be beautiful scenery, an intellectual challenge, or just something new and unique.  The cache kind of marks the end of it, when I get to it I know that I've accomplished what I set out to do.  

That being said many caches out there do not have these qualities, I do have to admit that for those ones once I find the cache I do think well at least I got another one.   However, since I'm trying to get a cache in every state (during my cross country trips) it's more of a "well at least I got North Dakota" or something like that.  

Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 24 2001,8:34 am
For me it's the adventure & the places we go to find or place a cache. I almost prefer putting caches out to finding them. It's great reading logs about finders thoughts on the location you picked & the cache itself. One thing I've found out in the last couple of days. The neat locations you go to, to find someones cache, plays more of a part than I realized. I did a little geodashing yesterday, & although I enjoyed it, it's not as enjoyable as caching. The dashpoints are picked randomly by a computer database(I believe) & the areas I went to yesterday were not anything to write home about. This could possibly be because of the way the landscape looks at this time of year. But, although I'm not overly concerned about the cache contents in geocaching, there's something about actually finding something at the end of your journey. Maybe this will pass with the more dashpoints I go after. Could be that these particular dashpoints were sort of like 2 so-so caches. They can't all be great ones. Either way, I'm still having a great time after playing with this for the last 7 or 8 months. And the great folks you get to meet in the geocaching community is a bonus. :D
Posted by YardBoy on Nov. 24 2001,12:40 pm
Being in the Internet biz, NaviCaching is the only thing that gets me from behind my monitor.  When I find a NaviCache, I know the little bit of exercise might have added another 5 minutes to my otherwise myopic life.  I also like the idea of competing against a real-life NaviCacher rather than some avatar in a MUD.
Posted by Guest on Nov. 24 2001,1:58 pm
Boy can I relate to what YardBoy said.
Working all week on computers and then nights and weekends spending as much time as I do maintining the site, caching is just the excuse I need to get outdoors and get some air.

I think what I like most about finding a cache is probably more the fact that the hunts have taken me to great areas I never would have known about had it not been for the cache placement.
Posted by Guest on Aug. 22 2002,7:02 pm
:) We like finding treasures because it keeps the kids and us always entertained. :oo: Not a day goes by that geocaching isn't mentioned in our house.  Every day Casey goes on this site to check it out.  The kid is only 11.  He loves finding caches the most out of the four kids.  He can't wait until  school starts  so he can tell his adventures in school. He just loves show and tell. Last year he brought several cool items in that he traded for in the caches.  The teachers and students couldn't wait for his new navicache adventure tales! :grinnin

We are cachin' fools!  :p                  

The Hughes Family
Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 20 2002,4:16 pm
I enjoy it because I visit places I otherwise would probably not go to. I also like to find spots that I didn't know were there, even though I may live "just down the road". Also, my Mom lives out of state and when I go home we Geocache to spend time together and relax. Who cares what's in the cache or if we find it, just visiting is worth the ticks, chiggers, etc.
Posted by dogdoins on Dec. 06 2002,10:22 pm
I agree with the "getting out of the house" sentiment expressed here. It's a reason to go stomping around in the woods and be a kid again. I love the treasure hunt aspect and the fact that someone I have never met, put this out there for me to find and share a place that they enjoy. Gimpy's right about placing the caches. Just as much fun as finding them. Especially waiting for that first visit. The other thing I've noticed is that when you find the cache, that's just the first half. You don't really see all of the scenery until you're on your way back. I tend to rush to find the cache and take my time going back to the car. Alot of times I'l wonder if I'm on the right trail going back because I don't remember anything about the journey. I was staring at the GPS.

Remember when you got your GPS and said "I've got the coords, I'll just go right to it."? :withstupid

That's the other thing I enjoy. Hearing somebody that thinks geocaching is silly talk about how they had to walk through brambles and swamps because they don't get the "as the crow flies" nature of the GPS! That usually gets 'em hooked.

Posted by logscaler on Dec. 09 2002,7:37 pm
Serendipity : the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for !

I would think that sentence pretty much sums it up for me.

To me it is not the "treasure" - be it an ammo can, a five gallon bucket, a film canister or even a virtual cache - but the experience of doing.  

I would think that we all agree on the getting out of the house and escaping from our work aspect plays large in it.  But,  I think it is inherent in all of us to explore.  We might not go to the moon.  We might not find the North West Passage.  We might not dive to the bottom of the oceans.  

But, we who have children or grandkids involved in this game,  just might spark that fire in our kids or grandkids to explore.  Be it on this earth, beneath its oceans or in the sky’s and beyond.  

Besides all that, it gets me out of the house!
Posted by imeagle on Dec. 12 2002,11:22 pm
The best part is just being outdoors and watching the wildlife. When taking my daughter the best part is being with her, and teaching her respect for nature and the beauty of nature.
(I feel sorry for the people in the big cities)   :oo:

The 2nd best part is finding one of Logscaler's hides, he always finds the best spots to hide caches in.

Posted by Clown Knife on Dec. 19 2002,3:32 pm
All of the above! Getting out, going to a new place, seeing the wildlife, the challenge of getting to ground zero, the thrill of locating the cache; the warm afterglow combined with the satisfaction of having completed the mission. Sigh! It is raining out today.  :wave
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