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Topic: Topo VS Street map
started by: skylerbird

Posted by skylerbird on Aug. 23 2005,12:27 pm
I am a newbie to caching and just purchased a Garmin Legend C.
I need to cheep out a bit at present, and was wondering if
you could afford just one Garmin mapping software package,
would it be the Topo or the street map versions.
I found my first cache with just the basemap, but its pretty
lackluster, in fact it showed me standing in Phillipi Creek, when I was at the cache site.

Posted by Scout on Aug. 23 2005,1:51 pm
What kind of caching to you expect to do most of? If it's driving to a city park, then a short walk back into the wooded area, you'll probably prefer the street maps. If you expect to be doing lots of long hikes in wilderness areas, you'll probably prefer the topo maps. And if it's a mixture of both, well, you probably won't be completely satisfied unless you have both.
Posted by whiplassh on Sep. 03 2005,5:43 pm
well, i got into caching last november, but i just really got to a location where there are some cachers. I own a garmin gpsmap 60c, and the only software i have is the topo. I think it's great, because i spend a lot of time in the backcountry. it's great as a reference, but i wouldn't drive in a fog just using it, you know?
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