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Topic: Geocaching and Georging Valid?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 02 2002,5:50 am
There has been much discussion in the "wheres George" forums on if or not using Geocaching as a means to transfer and or log George Bills is or should be a valid way of doing this. What is the opinions of other Geocachers as well as maybe some Georgers out there? Some are complaining that using Geocaching is not a natural means of placing bills into general circulation.
Posted by Rocky on Jan. 02 2002,6:46 am
To quote the Great One; "I don't know, nor do I care"
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 02 2002,6:59 am
I checked out the link you sent me, Quinn. These folks sound like a bunch of little children & there's a million dollar prize up for grabs & we're trying to steal it out from under them. One poster was talking about how the originator started georging website for fun & geocachers were going to ruin it for them. áIs there some big prize that I am not aware of? All the time I've been georging, I've never checked my score & don't really care what it is. I thought it was all about the fun of tracking bills to see where they travelled to. Heck,YardBoy & his buddy even got a shot of a wg bill on the front page of the newspaper here.What am I missing here?Help me understand, please. ???--As Quinn has put a link there to our site,I've edited this post. But c'mon,really.
Posted by Scout on Jan. 02 2002,8:08 am
Quote (Gimpy @ Jan. 02 2002,02:59 am)
Help me understand,please. ???

Disclaimer: I'm not a Georger and have never logged a bill.

I think some Georgers see their activity as some kind of scientific survey on a grand scale. They see geocachers as somehow interfering with the natural circulation of bills, thus invalidating their experiment somehow.

I'm inclined to accept whatever rules they want to play by. It's their game. But I thought this debate was settled a while back when the Georger Web site administrator gave his opinion that geocaching was a legitimate means of circulation. If it's just some Georgers who are unhappy with their own administrator's ruling, it's a problem they'll have to sort out internally.
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 02 2002,8:36 am
I'm inclined to accept whatever rules they want to play by. It's their game.

I too will play by their rules,obviously. I've poured a lot of $ into WG, & as far as I knew, all was legitimate. We've been here before,haven't we?
Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 25 2002,1:10 pm
Actually I decided to try Geocaching because of a post on Wheres George.  I can't see where it would make that big a difference in a george score and I for one will do it.

If some have a problem with it then that's their problem. I don't go to the bank and get 100 one dollar bills and stamp them and circulate them.  That seems more artificial to me than geocaching georges. I just stamp what I get in the course of day to day business.

It's supposed to be fun! Don't get carried away!
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 25 2002,1:20 pm
I don't see anything wrong with getting bills from the bank and stamping them though I dont do it myself, as long as they are being spend or passed in a way that meets the rules on website it's fine with me. They have to get out there somehow right?
Actually there was a big wah-hoo about if using "George" bills and caching should be placed hand in hand, some said it was not a natural way of moving along a bill, others disagree'd. It was ruled by the site owner there that it would be allowed so here we are. I think it's tougher to hike a mile and locate a cache box with a bill in it than it is to get one for change at the buger king...much better for the health too! :grinnin
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 26 2002,7:17 am
Hi, my name is YardBoy & I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I stand before you tonight admitting that I've gotten new, in sequence Georges from the bank, 500 at a time.  All out of pocket expenses and, sometimes, a $20 phone bill are paid with Georges.

I have also rationalized that when I cache, I might as well do so with a gift that is lightweight, space saving and a "hitchiker".  Otherwise, remembering to stop by the 48 Rupee Store in a crowded city of 6+ million is a pain in the keester.
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